This homepage will share my experiences for the HIST 1120 “Introduction to Canadian History” class I visited in the fall semester 2016 at TRU.

It will give you an insight of my work for the class (and also for some of my classes at home) and show you the learning process I went through from the beginning of the semester up to now.

Nowadays it is really easy to access information about the history of Canada (and of course other historical events), but:

Why is history so important?

What is history and how do we do it?


In this ePortfolio you will find different categories to browse through. The About Mesection gives you a glimpse about myself, also describing experiences I made at JGU so far, in contrast to the HIST 1120 course. Under Some Evidence  I provide some evidence, including my research paper I had to write for the “North American Theater” class I visited at my home university, but also some of the scripts my professor offered us for a cultural studies class. This section only functions as evidence, that I actually visited history classes before.

Learning Canadian History”  tells you something about the topics we talked about in class and also why and how I decided to chose my research paper subject. Belonging to the same category the sub-pageHow to do History”  describes the experiences regarding to the question “What is history and how do we do it” and according to this, if my opinion changed since the beginning of the semester. The last page is  Reflections on the Past“.  It reflects my perception during the whole semester. It includes some of my Reading Logs, and describes the experiences with the document analysis and my research paper.


Have fun surfing around my ePortfolio 🙂